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Re: [p2-dev] p2 meeting schedule

I had previously suggested there would be a conflict for the PDE status call, but we have changed the time of our meeting.  So Tuesday is fine for me.  Darin will be on vacation.


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Date: 2009/07/06 01:39 PM
Subject: Re: [p2-dev] p2 meeting schedule

I think most (all?) of the IBM team will be gone July 13. On the last call we talked about doing it Tuesday instead, although there were some conflicts.
What is the consensus on having a call Tues July 14 at the same time?

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Subject: [p2-dev] p2 meeting schedule

As a reminder, during the summer we are having p2 meetings bi-weekly, and there is no meeting scheduled this week. You can see the p2 meeting schedule here:


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