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RE: [p2-dev] Avoiding Director-Added Repository Locations?

Hi John,
Right, sorry.  All I am doing is the following:
eclipsec.exe -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -metadataRepository <path_to_repo> -artifactRepository <path_to_repo> -installIU my.uber.feature.feature.group
And I end up with <path_to_repo> in my list of repositories.  I can see when this would be useful, but it would be nice if it was avoidable, even via a command line flag.

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I think you'll need to give more details about what your installer is doing. Is it based on the p2 installer, does it use the p2 director application, etc? In general these tools try not to pollute the profile with extra install-time repositories, by removing any repositories they added when install completes. There could be a bug with someone not cleaning up properly, but it's hard to say for sure without knowing more about what your installer is doing.


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[p2-dev] Avoiding Director-Added Repository Locations?

Hello Again,

I noticed as a side-effect of our installer installing from a local
filesystem repository (basically on the install CD), P2 adds a location
into the Available Software Sites that is "file:/path/to/local/site/".
Really what I want is our internet-based URL.  That's fine, I can add
this via an addRepository(..) touchpoint action - but how do I avoid the
filesystem based one from getting in there (or how can I remove it)?
The problem with simply removing it is...well, I have no idea what it
could be.  Some people may run the installer from the network, or a CD
drive that could be any drive letter.

I guess I could just leave it there, but if it is a CD drive, won't this
get hit every time the user checks for updates?

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