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RE: [p2-dev] How use updated custom touchpoint action in the sameinstallation?

Hi Samuel,
This is what the "metaRequirements" in p2.inf are for.  You basically have your com.abc.main.feature "metaRequire" the custom touchpoint action and it will be installed and activated first.  There are a few threads and examples on this on the mailing list, and an example by Simon here:
Also see the newsgroup:

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Subject: [p2-dev] How use updated custom touchpoint action in the sameinstallation?

Hello P2,

I have a question on how to update the custom touchpoint action. And hope you can provide some suggestion.
Let's say that I have a feature com.abc.custom.touchpoint which ships a custom touch point action com.abc.custom.action.MyCustomAction. I have another feature com.abc.main which needs to use the action com.abc.custom.action.MyCustomAction. In order to ship them together, another feature com.abc.all is created to include both features.
Now a bug is found in com.abc.custom.action.MyCustomAction and I need to ship a fix along with the fixes to com.abc.main. However when I come to install this fixpack which includes both the fixes, the new com.abc.main feature still calls the old com.abc.custom.action.MyCustomAction which is currently recognized by the eclipse since the new one is still being installed. The change made in com.abc.custom.action.MyCustomAction will not be used until the next installation.
Is there a way to use the new com.abc.custom.action.MyCustomAction right away in the same installation?

Best Regards
Samuel Wu