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[p2-dev] Doc reorg

I'm proposing the perform the following changes to the isv doc:
1) Reorganize the content of the "provisioning platform" section into 4 subsections representing the "activities" people would be interested in performing with p2:
- Managing an eclipse installation with the command line (to replace / extend the "installing software using the p2 director application)
- Metadata generation (publisher, p2.inf, category generation)
- Repository management (including mirror, composite repo)
- Build integration (toRunnable, p2 map entry, product) in addition to what is already in the PDE doc.

2) Move the "provisioning platform (p2) subsection" as a top level entry in the programmers guide
I will start on that reorg now, but please send feedback.

Also, we will have to review the Build related doc in the PDE doc to include/change things like:
- Using repository as build input
- Review the section on ant scripts
- Review the section on packaging eclipse components
- Generate metadata from a 3.3 style product
- Reuse the SDK metadata (like it is described http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox/p2/Reusing_Platform_Metadata) and give an example on how to rebrand the platform.