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Re: [p2-dev] What's up?

Hi Max,

If this could be helpful to you, we could schedule a one-on-one call and I could guide you through the code.
As for starting with bug fixes, this is an interesting idea, however I'm not sure there is much area that need fixing that would be of a direct help for your project. But let's talk about that when you are available.


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Re: [p2-dev] What's up?

hello pascal,

sorry for being so silent, university is still in full swing and keeping me very busy... i've successfully checked out the project source files from cvs and set everything up in eclipse. i started poking around the source files a bit (starting from the ProvisioningHelper class, as suggested in the wiki). i have to admit there's quite a lot to look into but i'm sure you're aware of that =)
the equinox/p2 wiki pages provided some good information on the concepts and parts of the project and i'm trying to match that with what i find in the source code.
where do you suggest to go from here? maybe i could work on some minor bug fixes to get more familiar with the code or should i jump right into writing code for my gsoc project?

regards, max

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