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[p2-dev] Uninstall command


We are planning to use p2 as the provisioning platform in WSO2 Carbon. At poc level integration of p2 into WSO2 Carbon, I found out the following commands which can be used in the OSGi Console. Here "provinstall" command is used to install an InstallableUnit to a given profile. But how to uninstall it? Is there another command to uninstall?

    provlr [<repository URL> <iu id | *> <version range | *>]   - Lists all metadata repositories, or the contents of a given metadata repository
    provlar [<repository URL>] - Lists all artifact repositories, or the contents of a given artifact repository
    provliu [<repository URL | *> <iu id | *> <version range | *>] - Lists the IUs that match the pattern in the given repo.  * matches all
    provlp [<profile id | *> - Lists all profiles, or the contents of the profile at the given profile
    provlg [<repository URL> <iu id | *> <version range | *>] - Lists all IUs with group capabilities in the given repo or in all repos if the URL is omitted
    provinstall <InstallableUnit> <version> <profileId> - Provisions an IU to the profile with the give id
    provaddrepo <repository URL> - Adds a metadata repository
    provaddartifactrepo <repository URL> - Adds an artifact repository
    provaddprofile <profileId> <location> <flavor> - Adds a profile with the given id, location and flavor

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