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[p2-dev] Metadata analyzer tool

To help ensure that the publisher / generator is generating "good" metadata, and that there are no regressions in the Galileo repository, I have create a small metadata analyzer tool [1].

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=277246

The tool runs a different checks on the Galileo repo, such as:
1. feature jars have the unzip touchpoint
2. all IUs are unique in a given repo (unique with respect to version and id)
3. all IUs have a non-empty version (no 0.0.0)
4. Each IU has a license
5. Each IU has a copyright (actually I disabled thist test since there are lots of them)
6. The planner successfully runs for each “group” IU. (that is for each group IU all the dependencies are satisfied in the Galileo repo).

Each analysis step is just a service (using DS), and there is controller that gets all the services and pumps each IU through them.  This should make it easy to add new analysis steps. If anyone has ideas for other analysis options, please comment on the bug report.

I ran this tool on Galileo RC1 and got the follow:

[ERROR] No unzip touchpoint for: org.eclipse.ecf.core.source.
[ERROR] No unzip touchpoint for: org.eclipse.ecf.core.feature.jar
All IUs have unique names and versions.
[ERROR] IU: Tools and Goodies has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: SOA Development has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Modeling has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Collaboration has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Web, XML, and Java EE Development has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Test and Performance has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: EclipseRT Target Platform Components has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Programming Languages has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Database Development has an empty version
[ERROR] IU: Device Development has an empty version
No errors trying to install any of the 517 groups.
[ERROR] org.eclipse.stp.sca.feature.semantic.feature.group has no license
Analysis completed in: 28287 ms

The missing touchpoints is a known problem and is already fixed
The empty versions are on categories. We should probably fix this
It looks like stp.sca.feature.semantic.feature.group is missing a license property.
There are a bunch of people with missing copyrights.  Should I point this out on cross-product dev?


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