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Re: [p2-dev] externalized strings

Hi, Helmut.
The helper method you want is in

There is also a bug report open about moving this class to the core.

There can be a performance hit (esp if the localization files are on the network), so the standard property retrieval methods do not assume you want the localized versions of the properties.

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Subject: [p2-dev] externalized strings

Hi @ll :)
I've had some issues displaying my available updates, thought I'd ask
the experts before filing a bz.

Basically, what I'm struggling with is externalized strings, once in my
product and all the time for my bundles.

In my product, the name is in the .product file is "%productName", with
the real name being stored in the "Bundle-Externalization" file.
Looks like pde/p2 does not translate that string at all, guess that's
either my fault or a real bug...

Also, when trying to display bundles' names I am only getting the
externalization keys when trying to look up the IU-Name property, a nice
feature there would be a method, maybe in ProvisioningHelper, that gets
the real name back to me, (getExternalizedString(String property, Locale
locale) or something)...

Any comments?
Ciao, hh
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