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RE: [p2-dev] Avoiding JRE IUs and Generator Mode?

Aha - well I didn't realize that was an old task.  So, the tasks I can use that are not documented - where are they located source-wise?  I'm fine digging through source.  I have found that the PDE call to "eclipse.gatherFeature" seems to work without the JRE cruft as well.
However, the "p2.publish.featuresAndBundles" task seems to be what I need.  Does this handle p2.inf when it is called?  I'm a little confused as to when this file is needed.  Is it just a "publish-time" thing, or is it needed at build time as well.  I guess what I am asking is - should I just build my features and plugins the way I always did, but include the p2.inf file in my JAR, then later use it as part of a publish or metadata generation step?

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I don't see any way to turn off the generation of this IU using that task.

The incremental mode keeps the results of the generation around in memory so that the next invocation of the task will add to them.  Mode "final" will then clear those accumulated results and also generate a parent container IU if a .product file is used or root id is provided.

Note that this "p2.generator" task is the 3.4 based metadata generator.  3.5 has a new publisher which supports more customization (through the p2.inf file) that the generator didn't.  There are publisher tasks that could be used to avoid the jre IU if you were only doing features, unfortunately they aren't yet documented.

The "p2.publish.featuresAndBundles" task will publish built feature and plugin jars.  It supports a  "source" attribute specifying a directory containing features and plugins subfolders.  It also supports nested <features> and <bundles> elements which are ant Filesets specifying features and bundles to publish.  It also has the following attributes that should correspond to the same thing on the p2.generator task: artifactRepository, metadataRepository, artifactRepositoryName, metadataRepositoryName, append, compress, publishArtifacts.  Using this task won't create jre IUs.


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[p2-dev] Avoiding JRE IUs and Generator Mode?

Hi There,

I am trying to integrate the P2 stuff into my build and I am getting
entries in my metadata for individual features like this:

<unit id='config.a.jre' version='1.6.0' singleton='false'>

<unit id='a.jre' version='1.6.0' singleton='false'>
 <provides size='159'>
     <provided namespace='org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu' name='a.jre'

I am calling the "p2.generator" Ant task with noDefaultIUs set to "true"
(which avoids generating a whole pile of cruft), but the JRE stuff still
gets in there.  Is there any way to avoid the JRE stuff?  I plan on
merging all of my metadata at the end when I combine all of my features
into one large repository.

Also, what is the difference between "incremental" mode and "final"
mode?  I build my features individually using a custom set of scripts
and I think I want mode="final", but I'd like to know that the
difference is between the two.

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