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Re: [p2-dev] policy.xml Replacement?

I think that for the features you are in control of, it is a good practice to get rid of the URL in the features.

So eclipse.org projects (post M7) should remove their <update> (and <discovery> too?) URLs in their feature.xmls?

How will those installed features know where to go for updates, if not from the feature.xml? Will they simply refer back to the location from which they were installed - be it http:, file: or jar: ?

If a project is installed from, say, the Galileo site initially - for example, EMF 2.5.0 - and the user wants to update to 2.5.3, which is released AFTER the Feb 2010 release of Galileo SR2, will the user have to manually add that URL? If the installed features refer back to only the location from which they were installed, updates on another site will not be found.

Of course the bonus here is that upon searching the Galileo site the first time, 20+ extra update sites won't magically appear in the list of sites. Is that a bonus, or a tragic flaw? Is it better to force users to hunt down URLs themselves, or to overpopulate their list w/ sites they may never use?

Or have I completely misunderstood the rationale and effect of removing these URLs?

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