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[p2-dev] Galileo mirroring problem. Need help!

I have a major problem with the P2 mirroring in Galileo Builder. I would really appreciate some help pinning it down.

The problem occurs during the mirroring phase. A RawMirrorRequest is executed to fetch a xxx.jar.pack.gz file and it succeeds without problems. Next, I try to unpack this jar as a sibling. This also succeeds on most files, but not all. The problem manifests itself like this:

org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Unable to unpack artifact osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.buckminster.maven,1.1.350.r10157 in repository file:/shared/galileo/buckyBuild/buildresults/final/aggregate: Error reading signed content:/tmp/signatureFile5703.jar
Caused by: java.security.SignatureException: Either the manifest file or the signature file has been tampered in this jar: /tmp/signatureFile5703.jar

It only manifests itself when running Java 5 on the build machine (a J9 for ppc). If I run the same build locally on my machine, pointing to the exact same repository, everything is fine. Moreover, to verify the consistency of the file on the actual machine where it fails, I tested using unpack200 (from the same JVM). That completes without problems and leaves a resulting jar file. I checked this jar file with jarsigner -verify <jar> and it claims the file is OK.

So what can happen here that makes P2 complain when unpacking? And why only with one particular VM? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I'm starting to drain out of them.

- thomas