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Re: [p2-dev] Pack200 and P2 rules headaches

John Arthorne wrote:

Thomas Hallgren wrote on 05/07/2009 10:05:50 AM:
> Personally, I see this as a missing part of an otherwise good tool.
> Pack200 should have an option or something to control this. One way
> to overcome this deficiency is to check if a file is missing .class
> files and when that happens, change the magic. I've tried that, and
> it seems to work just fine.

Yes, it's really suprising that they would *default* to being incompatible with Java 5, but I guess that's what we're stuck with. On the other hand, there is very little value packing a JAR file that doesn't contain any class files, since the pack200 compression is strictly dealing with class file compression. In this case you're paying the deflate/inflate performance cost without any transfer improvement.
Consider the case when you have nested jars. The top container has no class files, so it still defaults to Java 6. All your nested content needs packing though, so you cannot leave your top jar unpacked. If you do, the nested packs will never be discovered.

Hacking the magic seems a bit scary, in case there are any incompatible changes in the format we don't know about. A possible safer hack would be to check the magic and delete the packed file if the magic started with "CAFED00D/160" (gotta love those Java magic numbers). This would imply the file contains no class files (or pure Java 6 content, which I doubt is true for many Galileo bundles).
Again, this won't work if you have nested jars. With no nesting and no .class files, there's really no reason to pack.

- thomas