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Re: [p2-dev] Build contribution

I re-tagged the following projects:

...for an update from Ian as well as a few fixes for tests that were failing intermittently:
Bug 268695 [publisher] Category not exported from update wizard with IBM 1.6 VM
Bug 272571 [engine] dynamic test is failing
Bug 268697 ProfileMetadataRepositoryTest fails on last assert
(unlogged) failure in AddRepositoryActionTest.testBug266881

Inactive hide details for Pascal Rapicault---04/20/2009 09:54:09 PM---No ECF contrib The map file has been updated for the follPascal Rapicault---04/20/2009 09:54:09 PM---No ECF contrib The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:


Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA




04/20/2009 09:54 PM


[p2-dev] Build contribution

No ECF contrib
The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 223991. [ui] Drag n' Drop does not work on certain platforms (FIXED)
+ Bug 235008. [ui] UI shows duplicate categories when refreshing (FIXED)
+ Bug 237984. [transport] Use ECF to obtain the list of mirror (FIXED)
+ Bug 240055. [ui] reconsider presentation of IU size (FIXED)
+ Bug 245299. Patch features aren't detected as 'updates' (NEW)
+ Bug 251774. [ui] Double-clicking update bubble results in two update dialogs (FIXED)
+ Bug 258539. [ui] Automatic update preference lost (FIXED)
+ Bug 259792. [publisher] Reuse IUs instead of creating new one (FIXED)
+ Bug 261637. [ui] Interpret path names with no scheme as file: in the UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 262395. [gc] p2 GarbageCollector#contributeMarkSets has an extra loop (FIXED)
+ Bug 262503. [planner] Replace ResolutionHelper with SAT4J based solution (NEW)
+ Bug 263262. [ui] Usage of p2 command handler inside API Tooling UI code (FIXED)
+ Bug 266061. [ui] workflow implications of install handler/action support (FIXED)
+ Bug 266243. [transport] Need ability to restart failed download of repo index files (FIXED)
+ Bug 267887. [ui] No Repository Found dialog's details is the same as the error (NEW)
+ Bug 268002. [ui] Alignment of buttons is really off (FIXED)
+ Bug 268144. [publisher] Human readable name not published in product publisher (FIXED)
+ Bug 268369. [ui] Unable to drag local zipped, or folder repositories (FIXED)
+ Bug 268498. [publisher] ProductAction does not gather IExecutableAdvice correctly (NEW)
+ Bug 268695. [publisher] Category not exported from update wizard with IBM 1.6 VM (FIXED)
+ Bug 269216. [ui] User-named sites on "Available Software Sites": no keyboard alternative (FIXED)
+ Bug 269437. [ui] Should site autocomplete suggest disabled sites? (FIXED)
+ Bug 269523. p2.mirror app doesn't include features when platformFilter specifies an os,ws,arch combination (FIXED)
+ Bug 269873. [ui] handling multiple declarations and priorities of p2 UI Policy service (FIXED)
+ Bug 270683. [director] Improve explanation for patches (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 271181. [transport] UpdateSite parse methods can leave a stream open. (FIXED)
+ Bug 271183. SimpleMetaDataRepository.getLocalFile hides underlying exception/message. (FIXED)
+ Bug 271447. [ui] Bad layout in 'Install available software' dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 271581. [update] Can't install from
http://www.scala-lang.org/scala-eclipse-plugin -- no response from Eclipse (FIXED)
+ Bug 271585. [ui] Can't rename available software sites (FIXED)
+ Bug 271681. [transport][ui] Details error message not shown in the UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 271792. Make sure that the comparator errors are reported on the actual jar (FIXED)
+ Bug 271949. [planner] Patch encoding always needs repos even for things that do not belong to the solution (FIXED)
+ Bug 271954. [planner] The installer plan removes unexpected IUs (FIXED)
+ Bug 272102. [eclipse] framework extension test fails when path include white space (FIXED)
+ Bug 272147. CompositeArtifactRepository tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 272219. Repo2Runnable should put binary artifacts under destination (FIXED)
+ Bug 272243. Mirror sorting based on transfer rate broken (FIXED)
+ Bug 272250. [repository] ResumeDownloadTest failing (FIXED)
+ Bug 272251. [planner] Patch should not be installed when it does not apply (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 272336. [ui] NPE in Profile Registry (NEW)
+ Bug 272337. [ui] Link to reminder options doesn't open right page (FIXED)
+ Bug 272358. org.eclipse.equinox.p2.repository manifest has the uses clause (FIXED)
+ Bug 272386. Memory use of Version objects (NEW)
+ Bug 272387. [test] testBug266881 failure (FIXED)
+ Bug 272393. Trim strings held by p2 (FIXED)
+ Bug 272407. Statechange error when applying installer plan in dropins (FIXED)
+ Bug 272482. [touchpoint] chmod touchpoint action should report "file not found" on non existing file (FIXED)
+ Bug 272520. [repository] Version optimizations in our Parsers and Writers (NEW)
+ Bug 272530. [repository] Add location validation method suitable for use by UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 272539. responseType attribute should be format in mirrors URL (FIXED)
+ Bug 272573. testZipDynamicPathComputer test fails on Linux (FIXED)
+ Bug 272578. Loading profile preference node loads profile (FIXED)
+ Bug 272604. [transport] Some exceptions are not propagated (FIXED)
+ Bug 272796. [ui] Software Install dialog talks about "Duplicate location" instead of selecting existing update site (FIXED)
+ Bug 272959. Validate profile after expanding partial IUs (NEW)
+ Bug 272992. agent and installer missing new p2.repository bundle (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:
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