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Re: [p2-dev] Load Balancing with P2

- p2 will download up to 4 different artifacts in parallel. p2 does not do split download of large artifacts (e.g. the first megabyte from server one, the second megabyte from server two, etc..). In case of download failure a mirror will be marked bad for the duration of the download (in reality this may last a bit longer).
- Mirrors are usually obtained sorted (in the case of the foudnation mirrors, they are geographically sorted), the mirror selection code will prefer a mirror that is ranked higher in the list. Upon completion of the download of an artifact the ranking is updated. You probably want to take look at the class in org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository MirrorSelector

In 3.4 given that we had robustness issues around transport, it is important to make sure that you have a high quality of service around the content.jar and artifacts.jar



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[p2-dev] Load Balancing with P2


I'm developing an P2 provisioning solution for an RCP project and I have questions about P2 download behavior. We have a P2 repository and some mirrors of this repository. We want to use the existing P2 repository and
the mirrors for load balancing because it is expected to get very high number of update requests. We are not sure how exactly the download is working and how an appropriate mirror is selected. I'm interested in P2 shipped with Eclipse 3.4.2 and P2 which will be shipped with Eclipse 3.5.

My questions are:
* Do P2 support simultaneous downloads from several repositories which have the same content (mirrors)? With simultaneous download I mean the same artifact from multiple mirrors...or simultaneous download from separate artifacts that are duplicated on the mirrors.

* If yes, how are the mirrors selected which are used for the download or all available mirrors are used? Can I influence the mirror selection algorithm?

* Could you suggest a way to test the use cases listed above?

Thanks and Cheers

Dipl.-Inform. Beyhan Veliev


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