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RE: [p2-dev] Configure Products via P2

From my IDE, I’m using eclipse-SDK-I20090401-1325-win32.  I’ll upgrade to the latest I-Build (I20090414-0800).


For my headless PDE Build, what version of org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder should I use?



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What version of p2 are you using?  The p2.inf stuff is very new (within the past few weeks) and there may be outstanding issues with it.  If you could try with recent IBuilds [1] and report your findings that would be a great help.

[1] http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/


On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 6:06 AM, O'Flynn, Dennis <Dennis.OFlynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can someone point me to an example and/or additional information on how to configure a product using p2?


I have been following the comments posted at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox/p2/GeneratingCUs#Configuring_Products.  I have a p2.inf co-located with the .product file.  However the touchpoint advice doesn’t seem to be processed.


I need to specify additional plug-ins to be started.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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