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[p2-dev] Re: Question about artifact mirroring

After some research I concluded that there was no shrink-wrapped way of doing this. So I created a new class:

public class CanonicalizeRequest extends MirrorRequest {
   private IArtifactDescriptor optimizedDescriptor;
   private IArtifactDescriptor canonicalDescriptor;

public CanonicalizeRequest(IArtifactDescriptor optimizedDescriptor, IArtifactDescriptor canonicalDescriptor,
IArtifactRepository targetRepository) {
super(canonicalDescriptor.getArtifactKey(), targetRepository, null, null);
this.optimizedDescriptor = optimizedDescriptor;
this.canonicalDescriptor = canonicalDescriptor;

public void perform(IProgressMonitor monitor) {
setResult(transfer(canonicalDescriptor, optimizedDescriptor, monitor));

The mirroring is done by first using a RawMirrorRequest on the optimized descriptor, and then using CanonicalizeRequest to unpack (source and destination both pointing to the target repo). It seems to work well. Perhaps something to consider as a more generic feature for a mirroring application?

Thomas Hallgren

Thomas Hallgren wrote:
Let's assume that I have a remote repository that contains two descriptors per artifact key, one optimized (pack200) and one canonical. I want to mirror this repository to another that later also will be deployed as a remote repository. How do I create a mirror that contains both the optimized and the canonical files? Copying both from a remote location using a RawMirrorRequest doesn't seem very optimal and using a standard MirrorRequest will transfer the optimized version but only store the canonical.

What I would like the mirror request to do is:
1. Copy the optimized version over the wire.
2. Store the optimized version verbatim.
3. Recreate the canonical version from the optimized one and store that too.

Has this use-case been considered?

Thomas Hallgren