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Re: [p2-dev] pack200, JRE versions requirements


thanks a lot. I have more questions:

> 1 - JDK 1.5 pack can handle 1.6 (or later) java code, the things
> that it doesn't understand as essentially passed throug.

Does that mean that the entire jar remains unpacked or perhaps
some parts of it?

> ....
> 4 - yes, different jars could be packed by different pack200
> versions if they were produced by different builds

It appears that this cannot be controlled for individual bundles
 but for the entire build using system property
"org.eclipse.update.jarprocessor.pack200". In Eclipse builds where is
the value set?

> ...
> The pack200 parameters that were used to condition/pack a bundle are
> recorded in that bundle's META-INF/eclipse.inf file.

> ...

In one example produced using JarProcessorExecutor the eclipse.inf
file does not contain the pack200.args property:
 #Processed using Jarprocessor
 pack200.conditioned = true

There is no pack200.args property. Does this mean some defaults are
used? Are the defaults documented? In practice should every bundle
specify pack200.default.args in its eclipse.inf file?