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Re: [p2-dev] Publisher vs. generator/director

You should transition to the publisher (it will be the tool moving forward, and we could use the help with bug reports, etc...).  I like the question "Are there docs I'm missing"?  I think the question should be "Are the docs missing" and the answer is yes.  Docs are now on my todo list. :)

You should be able to run the features and bundle publisher and point to a director (-source) containing /features and /plugins. When you use the director to install you use -installIU (not -root). I don't think we create a single IU that holds all the IUs.


On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Andrew Overholt <overholt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In 3.4.x, we in Fedora used the EclipseGenerator app to generate
metadata and then used the director app to install it.

In 3.5, should we use FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher?

I tried using the publisher with the director it and although it
generates metadata seemingly fine, the director fails when given the
same "-root".  What am I doing wrong?  Is there a publisher equivalent
to the director app?  Are there docs I'm missing?



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