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[p2-dev] p2 Engine

I've been sending an IU and invoking the p2 engine from an external process, in order to install IU's into a running system.

I've determined that the IU that I am attempting to install on the remote engine:

1) Is of type ResolvedInstallableUnit
2) The IU's contents get successfully written to the remote profile (i.e. the profile gets updated)
3) The plugin artifacts get downloaded/written to plugins directory
4) The simple configurator manipulator does *not* write the new plugins in the IU to the bundles.info (this means that confapply does *not* install the plugins in the IU).
5) The engine does commit successfully, and I can see that the Eclipse touchpoint is calling the simple configurator manipulator to write out the new bundleInfos. But the bundleInfos list that is used by the simple configurator does *not* contain the new bundles (those in the IU). It does seem to contain all of the original bundles in the profile.

Does anyone have any pointers to look for why the new bundleInfos does not include the new IU's plugins? Where should one look in the engine to determine why the IU's bundles are not being included in the bundles.info list? I can see that it's not ever changing.