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Re: [p2-dev] Product without executable

Hi Andrew,
This was very helpful. I did indeed pass the location of the executable feature as the "executables" argument regardless so it was my own fault. Removing it, and adding the launcher bundle to the product did the trick.

Thomas Hallgren

Andrew Niefer wrote:

How are you calling this action?
A brief look at it implies that it only creates the executable parts if it is given a location for them.  This comes from either the "source" or "executables" arguments.

PDE/Build supports building products without launchers by running productBuild.xml with "includeLaunchers=false".  This controls the inclusion of the launcher.jar, the launcher fragments and the executables.  In your case you probably still want the launcher jar (though not the fragments) so you would add the explicitly to the .product file.

You can try the new support for using the publisher by defining "p2.gathering=true" in a product build.  This will publish metadata and perform an install automatically.  To also get the associated repo define the same p2.metadata.repo and p2.artifact.repo properties that were available in 3.4.

There was a bug here that I just fixed (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=268119) which will be in the next build towards M6.

Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx>
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03/11/2009 08:04 AM

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[p2-dev] Product without executable

I would like to create a product that doesn't contain an executable
launcher. The reason for this is that I want one single download, not
one per platform (the use-case here is the "Headless Installer"

I have the product configuration defined and I have both a functional
Posix shell script and a  Windows cmd script ready that finds the
equinox launcher jar and then does java -jar on it. It all works well
aside from one detail. The ProductAction seems to generate the metadata
for the binaries even though they are not included in the product
configuration. This means that at the moment, I'm not able to publish my
product and then "build" it using the director. I have to hand-code the
assembly myself (the resulting binary is 3.5Mb as a zip).

What is the intended behavior here? Would it be of interest to publish
products that do not contain the executable launcher and it's associated
shared objects (such as libcairo-swt.so and platform specific launcher

Thomas Hallgren
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