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Re: [p2-dev] Repository download addressing questions

> > (2) What is the correct scope for remembering username/passwords?
> There was discussion to add something along those lines in ECF. You
> may want to verify what is going on and if we would not be better of
> joining effort there. Otherwise what you propose makes sense and would solve
> 256281. Could there be case where two folders in the domain be
> constrained by a different pwd for each user in which case
> persisting the info at domain level would cause problems?

> ok. The most common case would be that one user has one login/
> password to one domain, but the case where different directories has
> different usernames/passwords would not be surprising. However,
> name/pwd was stored for the domain, only users using repositories
> with the more uncommon scenario would be affected - they could
> always enter the new password for a more detailed path. That would
> be both easy to implement and easier for a user to understand.

Let's leep it simple to start with as the likelihood of this is probably low.