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[p2-dev] category merging - clear your repo caches

Readers Digest Summary:

Starting with tonight's nightly build and beyond, you'll need to clear your repo caches in order to get the right content in the "Uncategorized" category. You can do this by deleting the content of your


We've had an ongoing discussion on p2 calls and in bugs [1] about the need to treat categories more like other IU's with respect to id, name, and version. Specifically:

- IU equality tests should work for category IU's (we shouldn't have categories with the same id and version that are really different)
- the publisher should generate site-qualified id's for update sites so that like-named categories (such as "Uncategorized") are uniquely identifiable
- unique ids allow standard Collectors (which use a backing Set) to collect these IU's. Today it doesn't work without using a specialized collector.
- the UI should merge same-named IU's

This work is now in HEAD.

One *caveat* to this approach is that the UI changes rely on the changes in the publisher. In particular, update manager sites need to regenerate their metadata in order to get the new unique category id's.

If the UI changes are run on top of old caches, the old "duplicate" categories will be ignored. In practice this means that in the "Uncategorized" category, you'll only see the IU's from the first "Uncategorized" category encountered in the query.

Let me know if there are any questions/issues.