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Re: [p2-dev] 3.5 and dropins

Hi Simon,

----- "Simon Kaegi" <Simon_Kaegi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The logs indicate something is pretty unhappy in the user's config.ini
> It would be good to include the config.ini at various stages. In
> particular it would good to get the two root config.ini aswell as the
> user config.ini before it logged the error

Okay, I've opened a bug and included the files at the various stages:

266739: [shared] Error updating eclipse with content in dropins

> Also, can we make the problem simpler. If you take EMF out of the
> picture does this still work.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it can be simplified to just
the SDK because that doesn't trigger writing of a bundles.info file to my
user configuration area.  The config.ini file in my user area contains the
following both before and after the file-level upgrade:

#Linked configuration
#Mon Mar 02 12:11:07 EST 2009

> Something else to try narrow down the problem... run the root install
> once after you've done the upgrade.

This looks like it works.  In the RPM case, we actually *do* run the upgraded 
Eclipse during the RPM build so that we can extract any native shared 
libraries from JARs (ex. SWT's .sos).  I wonder what's different here?