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[p2-dev] Documentation and P2 in another OSGi framework implementation

Hi guys,

I have some questions related to P2:

1. I was searching for detailed documentation about P2 but seems like
I'm not able to find to much about. What I'm interesting in is about
what is the purpose of each P2 bundle, description of the main
concepts, description of services provided/consumed (required) by P2,
a getting started guide for using P2 from java (not command line),
examples, minim set of bundles required by P2 to be used, ...
So my question: is such a documentation available? If yes, can you
please point me to it?

2. Is P2 meant to be able to run within other OSGi framework
implementation beside Equinox? Or are there such plans for the future?

Alin Dreghiciu
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