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Re: [p2-dev] plugins folder provisioning

The bundle is org.eclipse.equinox.p2.reconciler.dropins.

In a nutshell what it does is try to install everything it finds "OPTIONALLY".
What that means is that if anything else is already installed that conflicts with the new thing the "optional" bundle/feature will not get installed.
What this amounts to is that In many cases the "version increment" use-case will fail without a matching feature patch. This is because the feature will typically reference an exact version of a bundle and without the patch the net result would be an invalid install.

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[p2-dev] plugins folder provisioning

Hi Folks,

As per this paragraph on the getting started wiki page:-

"The new dropins folder is where you can drop in extra plug-ins if you don't want to use the p2 user interface. See the dropins section for more details. For backwards compatibility, p2 will also detect extra plug-ins dropped into the plugins directory, and install any discovered bundles into the system."

it seems eclipse will still pick up new plugins dropped into the plugins folder. I'd like to understand the extent of this implementation - for example will it also detect version increments from "plugins"?

Can someone point me at the bundle that is responsible for handling provisioning of the "plugins" folder?

Many thanks
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