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Re: [p2-dev] How to generate the launcher executable

Title: How to generate the launcher executable
Hey Don,

You should look into using the product export faciliites in 3.4.  Even if you are not doing "products" and "applications" in the Eclipse sense, if you dummy up these extensions, you can export and have PDE create all the related metadata.  Check out the instructions we used for the Equinox Hackathon at ESE
This is for 3.5 but they should largely work for 3.4.


Laidlaw, Don wrote:
I am having great success using P2. I am able to use the installer to install the SDK, I can use the metadata generator to generate metadata for all my osgi bundles, I can use the director to install a customized platform.

What I cannot seem to get it to do is generate the launcher executable for the platform. I have a small set of bundles that makes a running osgi configuration when launched using just a java command with the console. I can see everything is installed and active and working well. There are only about 15 bundles in total. I have managed to get p2 to completely install this for me with all required bundles and it starts normally using a java command. Now I would like to have p2 create the platform executable (eclipse.exe on win32 or eclipse.app on macosx, etc). I suppose I just need to add some IU the the repository and have my root IU reference it, but I am not sure what to add. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or correct my assumption on what I need?

Best Regards,

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