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[p2-dev] Feedback on some bugs

In this week call, Thomas has asked feedback on the following bugs. Please chime in.


256411enhP3equinox.p2-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx---Use an Iterator in favor of a Collector in the IQueryable interface
256412enhP3equinox.p2-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx---[metadata] Create a finite set of non opaque Query implementations
256414enhP3equinox.p2-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx---[planner] Change the Projector so that it doesn't query ALL IU's
256415enhP3equinox.p2-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx---[repo] Change the IArtifactRepository.getArtifactKeys() to return an Iterator
256418enhP3equinox.p2-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx---P2 API considerations when implementing database backed repositories