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Re: [p2-dev] Mirroring to proxy repositories

This is likely caused by reference URLs in your mirrored metadata repository. Look for a section like this in the content.xml/content.jar file:

  <references size='6'>
    <repository url='' type='0' options='0'/>

These references are added to the list of known repositories for the client when your repository is first loaded. Mirroring is controlled by a "p2.mirrorsURL" property in the artifact.xml file:

    <property name='p2.mirrorsURL' value='http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/eclipse/testUpdates&amp;format=xml'/>

Removing this property will stop p2 from using mirrors for that repository.

There is more information on how repositories are managed, and descriptions of some open problems we are working on in this area here:



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[p2-dev] Mirroring to proxy repositories

Hi all,

I seem to remember the subject was discussed somewhere, but can't find the thread back. At the moment, we use the mirrorApp to mirror something like 10 public repositories (that's why I noticed and logged the bug about non-working merging feature that was corrected in the 3.5M3).

The mirroring works fine (still not using the merging, though).  But there's a problem : when I add the mirrored repository URL to my eclipse installation where I deleted all other repositories entries, I always end up having many repositories listed from the net.

The thing is: in the end, we wan't our developers to declare a unique Eclipse P2 repository that they'll use to update or install "supported" software... And at the moment, they could download it from the net directly and obtain a version we didn't test...

I guess those URL comes from the already installed plugins/features. So, how could we wipe them out, or ignore them or proxy them through our mirror every necessary time (and stop new mirrors from appearing automatically in the update interface...).

Is this something considered possible with P2? If so, could you please let me know how to do that?

Thanks a lot.

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