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[p2-dev] Updates found but no sites in the P2 UI list

Hi All,
I just tried updating an Eclipse 3.4.0 install (Win XP, Build id: I20080617-2000) from a local repository containing updates to some proprietary stuff. The only site in the list was the local repository. I had removed all other sites. I was therefore surprised to see that updates for lots of Ganymede features were found. I cancelled the update, removed the last site reference from the list, refreshed and pressed the update button again. The same long list of Ganymede updates was found again. 
I thought that update searches were constrained to the list of sites that the user actively adds and selects (using the manage sites dialog). How could updates for anything be found if no sites were present in the list? I have been using the install for testing internal eclipse and Ganymede mirrors. Could it be that the features found in my test were in a local cache left over after an earlier aborted update attempt, when these mirrors were on the list of repositories? If so does this point to a problem with the update/install algorithm? (If a site is removed then related material in the cache should be removed too, no?)
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