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[p2-dev] P2 Mirror Application fails to mirror Eclipse repo

Hi All,
I am in the process if testing 2 mirror sites created using the P2 MirrorApplication. The external sites are:
I am testing the mirrors by attempting to update a 3.4.0 installation from them. I have encountered various errors whilst testing (including Bug 251716). I am now wondering if the MirrorApplication has created faithful mirrors. So I downloaded the content.jar and artifacts.jar manually from the 2 external sites and compared the xml in all cases with that generated by the P2 MirrorApplication. Note: My mirror script removes the references section from the generated content.xml.
Eclipse repo:
- downloaded: 663,552 bytes; artifacts size='1674'
- generated1:  831,488 bytes; artifacts size='1829'
- generated2:  741,376 bytes; artifacts size='1671'
- downloaded: 3,956,736 bytes; units size='1373'
- generated1: 4,001,792 bytes; units size='1373'
- generated2: 4,001,792 bytes; units size='1373'
Ganymede repo:
- downloaded: 671,744 bytes; artifacts size='1943'
- generated:   684,032 bytes; artifacts size='1943'
- downloaded: 13,361,152 bytes; units size='2436'
- generated:   13,438,976 bytes; units size='2436'
Differences between the generated and downloaded ganymede repo metadata are probably non-significant. However, the differences for the Eclipse repo are kind of worrying. In addition, the results of mirroring this repository are inconsistent. Compare generated1 and generated2 for artifacts.xml (created by 2 separate runs of the MirrorApplication) neither of which are the same as the original.
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