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Re: [p2-dev] ProvisioningContext

The provisioning context is among other things used to control the set of repositories that are being used during an operation (for example it is used by the ProfileSynchronizer to only contact the local repos when doing the initila reconciliation). When the context is not set all repos are being considered. This concept of context supposes that everyone participates properly into it and do the same behavior.

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07/10/2008 03:44 PM


[p2-dev] ProvisioningContext

In several parts of the p2 APIs there is use of a ProvisioningContext
(e.g. in IDirector, etc).  In looking at a fair amount of actual and p2
test code in many cases this ProvisioningContext is set to null in the
usage of the API.     The javadocs frequently say "The provisioning
context used for finding resources".

What is the intended usage/purpose of ProvisioningContext?  Is it
required under any circumstances?  If so, which?

Thanks for info,


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