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Re: [p2-dev] URLs, URIs, and IDs (oh my)

Hi Ed,

Ed Merks wrote:
<stuff deleted>

URI uri = new URI("myscheme:blah"); ID fooID = IDFactory.createID("foo",uri); ID barID = IDFactory.createID("bar",uri); fooID.equals(barID) -> false
So serializing an ID would require serializing the namespace and the other part of the string...


<stuff deleted>
I see... I could imagine someone having a model that wanted to serialize IDs and would need to do ID -> String -> ID mapping in order to achieve that goal. (Of course someone will want such a model, it goes without saying, but I thought I'd point out the obvious.)

Yes. There is a method that we've provided on ID to aid such a model:

String ID.toExternalForm();