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Re: [p2-dev] URLs, URIs, and IDs (oh my)

Hi Doug,

Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Ah, you are right. I stand corrected.

>From the resource standpoint, and EFS in particular, the URI works
great. The extensibility comes by adding layers on top of the URI based
on the scheme, in our case by mapping scheme to IFileSystem which
manages the additional functionality. Clients obviously need to know
about the extensions to call them. But I think we're in control of that.

One issue here is the use of java.net.URI rather than emf.URI (no interface/impl independence). But yes, I agree URI for a remote file system/file identifiers makes complete sense.

Anyway, just an example of where URIs in action. I'm not familiar enough
with ECF to know whether this applies there, though.

Yes, I think it does. We have (for example) a file transfer provider that uses EFS for implementing the asynchronous transfer (using Jobs). The ECF IFileID for this provider/Namespace is:



efs:<efs filestore uri>

Of course this can/could also be represented as a URI.