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[p2-dev] New p2 tests

Over the past several days we have completed integration of several new p2 tests suites for the publisher, installer, UI, dropins reconciler, and framework admin. Here are some things to know about these tests:

- The tests all now require Java 5 to run, due to the dependency on EasyMock.

 - Structurally all but the UI tests fall under the single AutomatedTests suite in org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests. The UI tests have their own separate AutomatedTests entry point because they use the GUI test runner as opposed to the headless test runner.  This means there are two suites to run to exercise all the tests. Note that the UI tests also exercise core code so it is valuable to run both suites even when changes are made in core areas.

 - With the exception of the End2EndTest, all of these tests are quite fast to run, so we should all be in the habit of running these tests before releasing any code changes. If you're on a slow connection you can either comment out the End2EndTest, or kill the test run when the last test is started (this test always runs last).

- To run the reconciler tests, there is a one-time setup required because it requires a copy of the platform runtime binary. You need to do the following:
  1) Download the Eclipse 3.4.0 platform runtime binary zip for your os/ws/arch.
  2) use a system property to specify the location of this zip in the test launch configuration (-Dorg.eclipse.equinox.p2.reconciler.tests.platform.archive=<some_path>eclipse-platform-3.4-win32.zip).
The "all p2 tests" launch configuration in the p2.tests bundle has this property set, but you'll likely need to tweak the path of the zip for your machine.

 - We now have a fairly good collection of *real* metadata repositories, artifact repositories, and legacy update site repositories in org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tests/testData{artifactRepo,metadataRepo,updatesite}. This makes it fairly easy to write tests involving various kinds of well-formed and invalid repositories. Feel free to add further reasonably sized repositories here for testing other code paths, failure cases, regression tests, etc.

One of our goals during our recent test week was to build up our testing infrastructure so that the time investment required to write new tests is decreased. Thus we now have quite wide test coverage across p2 components, but the tests within each component are not particularly "deep".  The hope is that when it comes down to crunch time and we have little time for writing tests, having the infrastructure in place will allow us to churn out regression tests and tests of new function relatively quickly. Of course this does require that we all have some familiarity with all of this new testing infrastructure. I would encourage everyone to spend a bit of time getting familiar with the tests for any areas of p2 they touch, so that when the time comes you can write new tests quickly. I have found that once familiar with existing tests and their infrastructure (helper classes, assert utility methods, test data, etc), you can bang out a regression test for a bug fix in a matter of minutes. When you don't have this knowledge it is easy to put off adding new tests when you become very busy because of the larger time investment needed.