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Re: [p2-dev] touchpoints and touchpoint actions...api needed?

Hi Doug,

Schaefer, Doug wrote:
What kind of things are you thinking of making API. At the least, I'd
like to see a mechanism for adding Actions to a Touchpoint.

Yes, certainly this...(ProvisioningActions reuse).

After looking a bit at EclipseTouchpoint, it looks like many of the Util.* methods would be candidates (for accessing p2 services, getting locations for various artifacts to be read), perhaps LazyManipulator, SourceManipulator, AggregatedBundleRepository. Anyway, I'm not sure about these others, but looking at them briefly it seems they might be useful.

The other thing I could use as API is the repository IO classes. I'm
creating my own metadata and artifact repository types. I'd still like
to use XML to store the metadata defs, though. And I've done a pretty
bad job of cloning the IO classes to make to work for now.

Yes, this seems reasonable too.