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[p2-dev] location of metajsp projects/features?

I've been working on a new p2-enabled equinox webapp...that uses the servlet bridge, has base equinox + p2, creates profile, etc.

In short, it's running now, and I'm testing out the installation of various IUs, including the 'helloworld' jsp given in war form on the existing webapp quickstart wiki page


I've created a p2 bug to update the examples given on the above page, and volunteer to provide the new wars and make changes to page.

But I would like to have a little more interesting webapp to use than the old 'helloworld' jsp...just to make it a little cooler (no disrespect intended). Do people have equinox webapps that are available in EPL form (somewhere) that I could use for this example page?

Thanks for any info,