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[p2-dev] ECF bugs fixed on Release_2_0

Hi Folks,

For those on the p2 call, happily I misspoke during the call...there has been only one bug fix change on the ECF Release_2_0 branch (our 3.4.X branch) since June 25:


and this was the work around that I put in place for bug #234916 just last Friday.

So, in short, it's not a huge problem for equinox/p2/platform/Eclipse to continue to use the 6.25.2008 build of ECF for the 3.4.1 service release.

The current inability that ECF users have to update the 6 platform plugins is a significant problem for us (ECF project and community), however. We would like to get this fixed (if at all possible) in 3.4.2 (if possible) and 3.5 cycle (required). LMK if I should open enhancement request for that or whether it's already covered by an existing bug (I think it might, but can't remember the title ATM).