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Re: [p2-dev] why is it not enough to just listen for removed files

The DirectoryWatcher does not track file deletions between runs. e.g. "scannedFiles" is computed based on the current run and is not persisted.
The RepositoryListener on the other-hand does perists ius/artifact descriptors between runs so needs to verify everything in its repo is polled/on disk.

I'm a bit undecided if it's better to track persistence in a listener or in a specialized directory watcher but for now we're doing it in a listener. We could factor that out to a common listener super class fairly easily.
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> [p2-dev] why is it not enough to just listen for removed files

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> in the RepositoryListener there is code that deals with polledSeenFiles
> etc .  it seems to be there as a compensation for a failing it the
> directory watcher where it is not reporting all removed files.  Anyone
> got an idea what that failing is and how we can address it?  otherwise
> everyone who uses the dir watcher will have the same problem.
> Jeff
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