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Re: [p2-dev] questions about profiles

Hi Pascal,

Thanks much for the responses.  IDH :).

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

<stuff deleted>

I'm not sure I fully grasped your question. But I'll try an answer to the question "how do I bootstrap"?
At some point you have to have an IU that refers to all the pieces that represent your application, and you invoke the director app (this is what we use in the eclipse build) on that IU also passing along the properties needed for your profile.
The question of the when do I bootstrap, mainly depends on how changing is the environment you are deploying on. For example at one point I remember Simon exploring with generating the profile on startup of the servlet bridge. However that was well before we had any kind of build integration and the like and I'm not sure we would take that approach now. I think the bridge should have its own profile that gets deployed along with the jar.

So this would entail creating a profile when building the war and running the director (to create that profile) during the build process for the platform (whatever the platform happens to be). For my information/reference, where does the platform build usage of the director (to create the SDKProfile) exist? An ant script or some such?