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[p2-dev] p2 for installing webapps

Hi p2ers,

I've been messing around with using servlet bridge+p2 to install webapps. This isn't the same as installing IUs into a running-via-servlet-bridge Equinox instance (although that's a fine use case as well that I've been running...adding to with installer/generator), but rather using p2 to install webapps directly into the servlet container (which may or may not be Equinox-based).

In any event, so far I've started a 'webapp' touchpoint, which has as it's provisioning action the installation of a war to the target servlet-container...via the manager for tomcat and the appropriate other mechanism for other containers (e.g. jetty, commercial ones, etc).

One issue/question with this is how to create a webapp touchpoint that is abstracted from the specific servlet container (i.e. is for 'webapp' install as opposed to 'tomcat webapp' install). There are probably others as well...I just wanted to make the direction available on this list to solicit input, see if any others are doing similar things with p2, and use the p2 expertise on this list to identify other issues/relevant questions.