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RE: [p2-dev] updating a profile

I think that's it. Our IUs are not singletons and they probably should. We'll give it another try and report back. Thanks Susan!
Doug (the Wind River night shift - Helmut's in Austria enjoying the evening right now :)

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Helmut, I'm assuming you had a typo and meant to say

Group A 1.0.1 -> IU B 1.0.1
Group A 1.0.1 -> IU C 1.0.1  <not B>

It sounds like you are setting up the profile change request as expected (similarly to what the UI does in the update wizard).

Can you clarify what you mean when you say that IU B 1.0.0 and IU C 1.0.0 are not uninstalled. Are you referring to the profile's view of the world or what's on disk?
If you execute a query on the profile for all IU's, do you see them in the list?

I think that whether IU B 1.0.0 and IU C 1.0.0 should be uninstalled depends on whether the IU is a singleton - IInstallableUnit.setSingleton(boolean).
If it is not a singleton, then I'm not sure that the director/planner is that aggressive in removing the older versions simply because the newer version was brought in by an update. (Pascal could say for sure - he is on vacation right now).

If B and C are singletons, then it sounds like a bug that the IU's are not uninstalled.
If they are not singletons, then I think you would have to explicitly tell the planner to remove those IU's.


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Ciao Guys :)
I'm having a little difficulty understanding updates to a profile, can
you please solve this mystery for me?

Here is my simple IU - structure:
Group A 1.0.0 -> IU B 1.0.0
Group A 1.0.0 -> IU C 1.0.0

Here is the available updates:
Group A 1.0.1 -> IU B 1.0.1
Group A 1.0.1 -> IU B 1.0.1

Here is what I'm doing:
1.) Run the UpdateChecker and wait for a notification
2.) Based on the UpdateEvent, create a ProfileChangeRequest:
Add "Group A 1.0.1" to the "IUsToAdd" array of the request
Add "Group A 1.0.0" to the "IUsToRemove" array of the request
Note that I don't add the dependent IUs here, only the group
3.) Calculate a provisioning plan and execute it.

Now, here is what happens:
Group A 1.0.1 gets installed
IU A 1.0.1 gets installed
IU B 1.0.1 gets installed
Group A 1.0.0 gets uninstalled

You see? The problem is The IUs A and B, their original versions 1.0.0
remain installed, even after a garbagecollector.runGC(IProfile), so it
looks like the dependencies are correctly resolved for the install phase
but not for the uninstall phase. There is still the chance of me having
a bug in my own code, but could you try and explain the issue, maybe I'm
using something in a terribly wrong way...
Ciao, hh
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