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[p2-dev] What is the relationship between Eclipse and Ganymede repositories?

Hi All,
I created an internal mirror of Ganymede and then tried installing eclipse from it using the p2 installer with the following ini file:
eclipse.p2.profileName=Eclipse SDK
The installation was successful, which surprised me. I had thought that I would need to install from my Eclipse mirror. 
I did a quick diff on the features/plugins in my eclipse and ganymede mirrors. It seems that the two sites share a lot of stuff in common, that ganymede is almost a superset of Eclipse but not quite: it is missing some stuff only found in Eclipse.
1. Can anyone explain the intent here? What is the relationship between the 2 sites?
2. Also, can anyone tell me if the .blobstore folder found in mirrored repositories is needed? Can it be deleted to save space?
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