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[p2-dev] Enterprise Use Cases

Dear People,
Firstly, thanks a lot to Pascal and team for this week's P2 webinar. The 'p2 metadata from feature/site meta authoring hack' alone made it worthwhile for me :)
I intend to make much use of the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.tools.MirrorApplication to provide Eclipse at my company. I noticed at least one other person at the confine mentioned their enterprise use cases, which looked pretty close to ours. So I thought I would open a formal discussion on the subject here.
Background: Developers at my firm are prohibited from downloading and installing software from the outside world. This means that we have to provide everything that they need inside our firewall - and keep them contained there.
Our main use cases, which I think are pretty generic, are:
  1. Create 1:1 mirrors or external update sites (e.g. Eclipse and Ganymede). (This seems to work.)
  2. Create a *:1 merged mirror based on selected IUs from multiple external update sites which may or may not be P2 enabled.
  3. Update both of the previous types of mirror (only mirror new versions of IUs already included in the mirror). At the moment the MirrorApp seems to re-mirror everything each time it is run, which takes a lot of time.
  4. Mirror just the latest versions of any IUs in scope. At the moment you can selectively mirror certain IUs, versions and version ranges (although there seems to be a bug with this: 240822). I would like to be able to pass an argument that would cause the app to mirror just the latest versions of any IUs in scope.
  5. Security Requirements:
I hope this mail provokes some useful discussion that will help the P2 team focus their efforts in the most appropriate way.
Best regards,
Miles Daffin
Morgan Stanley | Technology
20 Cabot Square | Canary Wharf | Floor 06
London, E14 4QW
Phone: +44 20 7677-5119
Fax: +44 20 7056-4572

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