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[osgi-wg] OSGi Working Group Committee Elections - Announcement

The OSGi Working Group Charter identifies the various committees that drive the facets of the working group for which there are elected positions to be filled.


In the case of OSGi, the elected positions are for the Participant and Committer Members for which there is one seat each to be elected for the Steering Committee and Specification Committee. Note that Strategic Members each have a representative appointed to these committees.


Through this email, we are happy to announce the Eclipse Foundation will hold an election on behalf of the working group using the proposed timetable listed below. This mimics the process used by other working groups as well as the Eclipse Foundation itself for filling elected positions on our Board.  


All members are encouraged to consider nominating someone from a Participant Member (Adobe, Liferay, Inc., and Software AG) and from the Committer Members of the OSGi Specification project. Self-nominations are also more than welcome.  


The nomination period is now open and runs until May 24, 2021.  


Nominations should be sent to this mailing list using the appropriate subject lines below:


OSGi Steering Committee - Nomination (Indicate Participant or Committer)

OSGi Specification Committee - Nomination (Indicate Participant or Committer)


Once nominations are closed, we will inform the working group of the confirmed candidates standing.  Typically, we encourage all candidates to provide a short bio including their position statement.  At that point, we will distribute ballots via email to those eligible to vote.  The election process will follow the Eclipse “Single Transferable Vote” method, as defined in the Eclipse Bylaws.  


The winning candidate will be announced on this mailing list shortly after close of election.  


Election Schedule:


Call for Nominations:  May 17, 2021 - May 24, 2021

Announce Candidates Standing:   May 27, 2021

Ballot Distribution (Election):   May 31 - June 4, 2021

Announce Elected Representatives: June 7, 2021   


The following positions will be filled as part of this election:


Steering Committee - One seat allocated to Participant and Committer Member

Specification Committee - One seat allocated to Participant and Committer Member


Please feel free to reach out if there are any questions.


Best Regards,

Sharon Corbett
Program Director, Working Group Operations
Eclipse Foundation

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