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[osgi-wg] Introduction / Suggestion to clarify "Vision and Scope" / Membership description

Hello everyone,

as working for over ten years with OSGi in own projects and supporting customer in their success with it as a freelancer I'm also interested to join the new OSGi Working Group also.

One suggestion for the charter:

In the "Vision and Scope" section I think it would be good to clarify what's the difference between "OSGi Working Group" and "OSGi Specification Project" its a bit unclear how they relate, how they differ because of the similar naming I can see that they might be confused.

I also think at least a small note about the "Eclipse Equinox" project should be added as it already has provided OSGi Technology for years now but seems to have adopted several aspects (DS, Console, ...) from the Apache Felix Framework, so one might ask if it is planned for Equinox to be collected under the new WG.

About the Membership section:
As OSGi Alliance already offers Membership to participate in OSGi Technology I think the following points should be described here: - How does "Eclipse OSGi Working Group" Membership differs form the "OSGi Alliance" one? Do they relate in any way, e.g. if I'm member of Eclipse OSGi WG will this maybe include "OSGi Alliance" membership - If not why should I choose the one over the other? Or would it be preferable to be member in both?
- What are the additional benefits of the "Eclipse OSGi Working Group"

best regards

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