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[orion-dev] Taming bugzilla (yet again)


It seems our bugzilla is getting a bit out of control again. As such, we are planning another reorganization of our bugs to reign things in.

Like the last clean-up a year ago, here is what we are proposing:

1) Bugs that are inactive and older than Orion 16.0 will be closed with a friendly comment (it will indicate that we will be pleased to reopen the bug at the submitter's discretion)
2) Remove target milestones from open bug reports where the milestone is for an older release
3) Bugs that contain the key word "triaged" will not be closed, no matter what the date (committers please use this key word to keep active but long standing bugs open)

Assuming agreement like last time, we will make these changes on Thursday, April 5th. If you are "watching" inboxes via bugzilla notifications you may want to tune your notification settings accordingly to avoid the noise.

Steve and Michael

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