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[orion-dev] The upcoming 17.0 release

17.0 (and the new year) are quickly approaching.

We are going to start winding down a bit early since most folks will be on holidays soon and we don't want to scramble in the new year.

Here is the "wind-down" plan for this release (based on our process:

1. Up until December 27th, "keep working as normal".
2. December 27th - January 3rd - we will consider this the "last chance" to put in changes (no new features), and each change will require a +1 from one other committer.
3. January 3rd - Januray 10th - we will be testing and making critical fixes, with any fix requiring a +1 from two committers.
4. January 11th - we announce the release!

Michael and Steve

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