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[orion-dev] Dockerfile keyword content assist added to Orion...

Hi everyone,

You can now get content assist for Dockerfile keywords in Orion!


Here are the list of features as extracted from the commit message:

- Dockerfile keyword content assist
- Dockerfile keyword prefix content assist
- keyword content assist after an ONBUILD instruction
- no content assist offered in comments
- offer only FROM if there are no instructions in the file
- hover help for Dockerfile keywords


Bugs / missing features:

- no content assist for parameters
- no content assist for the 'escape' parser directive
- no hover help for the 'escape' parser directive
- multiline instructions with inlined comments can confuse the code


Despite these hiccups, I felt that it was good enough for the average
user who wouldn't knowingly try to invoke content assist in a place
where Dockerfile instructions didn't belong.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

Happy editing!


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