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[orion-dev] Orion server Git API discrepancy across Java and Node servers...

Hi everyone,

I came across a bug today that upon further inspection revealed a
discrepancy in the implementation of the Git APIs between the Java and
Node servers. To put it simply, the Node server is more lax with
regards to its parameters than the Java server is.

According to the release plan, this is our policy with regards to the
server REST API...

"Documented server REST API has only changed in compatible ways.
Existing client code running against previous versions of the Orion
server (either Java or Node) will continue to work in Orion 14.0."

Would tightening the Node server be an issue here? Is there anyone out
there that is using this API to checkout a branch? The wiki page isn't
exactly clear about whether fully qualified branch names are okay or

If anyone have thoughts on this topic, please do comment on the bug.
Thank you for your time.


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