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Re: [orion-dev] Status of Orion client tests on Hudson...

The tests were frequently failing in Sauce Labs for some reason that nobody ever had time to truly investigate. It looks like I disabled them many months ago as a temporary "fix" and then forgot to undo it.

​ just tried a client build with the tests enabled again - - but it failed even earlier this time, before Sauce Labs was involved at all.

[INFO] --- cf-maven-plugin:1.1.3:push-only (deploy-test-app) @ org.eclipse.orion.client.releng ---
[INFO] Creating application 'orion-test'
Feb 16, 2017 12:17:55 PM org.springframework.web.client.RestTemplate handleResponseError
WARNING: GET request for "" resulted in 500 (Internal Server Error); invoking error handler
​For the time being I've removed the build note, and removed the bogus '__disabled' profile to avoid confusing people.

​If someone can invest time into making the Sauce Labs portion work reliably again, it would be most welcome. I've opened a bug for this -

Hi everyone,

If you open the Hudson page, you are greeted with the following description.


Minifies the Orion client code, and runs unit tests.

mamacdon: I've temporarily disabled the unit tests while investigating
why they fail. To reenable tests:

re-enable orion-test profile inside Maven 3 > Advanced
check 'Publish JUnit test result report' and set the includes to


This of course does not instill the reader with much confidence, if
any, of the Orion client build. (o_o) Now, if you open up a random
build log, you will see the following message near the bottom.


[WARNING] The requested profile "____disabled_orion-test" could not be
activated because it does not exist.


So...can anyone shed light as to what's going on with the Orion client
Maven build?

I'm currently using Travis CI off of my own orion.client fork on
GitHub for builds. It currently only deals with the Node server (since
that's what I hack on) but I would like to expand it to encompass the
client code as well (because hey, why not?). Is it as simple as
installing Maven and running `mvn clean install`? At least, that's
what the wiki page is telling me anyway...

Thanks in advance. :)


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